Elementary Years (5-10)

It’s time for your child to start school! Now what? You most likely recall your early school years, which makes it all the more fun to guide your little one through this exciting milestone.

Starting school, making friends, staying healthy.

As your child moves through elementary school, his or her thinking will make a change from imagination to concrete knowledge. They will learn logic and critical thinking skills, reading and math, and a variety of different social skills.

Exciting Times!

A Vital Period of Growth in Your Child

Your child will also acquire a wide range of life skills during this time. From doing chores around the house to making friends at school, this is a pivotal period of growth. Friendships will become much more cooperative, as elementary school is a time during which kids are learning to understand each other’s thoughts and emotions. They learn about teamwork, participation, and friendliness. As academics become more difficult and demanding, it’s important to teach your child the fundamentals of time management in regards to studying and homework.

It’s necessary to communicate with your child’s teacher regularly. If any learning difficulties exist, they will most likely become apparent during the early years of elementary school.

As academic demands increase over these years, you can help your child establish a good foundation of time management with homework and studying. This will pay off for years to come!

Throughout elementary school, your child will become more adventurous in everything from playtime to making friends to eating habits. Some children may need guidance in reducing their risk-taking tendencies, while others may need some encouragement in stepping out of their shell. Remember, kids have varying personalities that require different types of parenting. If this becomes a challenge, feel free to give our office a call. We’re here to help!

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