Preschool Years

While being a parent is not always easy, being the parent of a preschooler is a ton of fun! Your child will begin to feel independent while simultaneously taking some of the work off of you—from using the bathroom to dressing themselves and even sometimes caring for pets and siblings!

Preschool's here! Where to begin.

Preschool helps accustom the child to separation from the parents, but more so than that, it helps them develop a wide range of personal and social skills, from making friends to telling stories! At times, their newfound imagination may take less than desirable turns, such as a fear of monsters or experimentation with lying. These changes may require some adjustment on your part, but they are nothing to worry about. Likewise, a preschooler’s mind often races and their speech cannot keep up, which can cause a brief period of stuttering around this time. No need to fear; this is normal.

At this age, your child is a sponge, excited to soak up everything the world has to offer. From holding crayons and pencils to skipping and swimming to puzzles, they’re ready to experience anything and everything. Make sure to engage with them. Point out interesting aspects of every day life; they’ll love it! They’ll also love reading with you, which will help greatly down the road as they transition into kindergarten and onward.

Most preschoolers will have developed some sense of respect for authority, as well as the boundaries of those around them. This will make the preschool age enjoyable for you as well, because your child will be able to adapt to minor changes in the routine. Spending time together is very important at this age, because it encourages bonding and strengthens the child’s sense of security and identity.

You may find it difficult to convince your child to try new foods, but it’s important that you stay strong and keep trying! Along the same lines, children of this age typically do not consider eating a “social” activity the way adults do, so it can be tough to get them to eat at the correct time. When problems arise, make sure to remain stern but supportive.

Have fun with your child during this time! They will look up to you, and you’ll enjoy teaching them about all the wonderful things life has to offer.

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